Palliative Care

We recognise that palliative and end of life care is not just about providing care in the last months of a person’s life, but about ensuring good quality of life for both patients and families at every stage of the illness process from diagnosis through treatment and onwards.


Live-in carers support people of all ages who are suffering with life-threatening conditions or illnesses. When a condition is terminal, most of us wish, when able, to remain living in the comfort of our own homes. This is made much easier with the support of dedicated live-in carer at most stages of illness, from symptoms to diagnosis, through treatment or cure and in some cases, death and bereavement.


Principally, live-in palliative care aims to help provide the best quality of life for you, and your loved ones. People suffering life threatening conditions will often find those closest to them may have strong emotions about your condition and it is often becomes difficult in these situations to discuss your feelings for fear of upsetting them further. However, live-in carers can help you by relieving the burden placed on you and your loved ones and also help discuss and come to terms with everyone’s feelings at this difficult time. In addition, carers can provide support through periods of bereavement.

6th January 2015


Live-in Care