General Care

Live in carers that we introduce can provide the support and security to enable you to continue living in your own home without the need and upheaval of moving to a residential home. With the support of one-to-one live-in care, you can retain your lifestyle, independence in your treasured home among the surroundings, people and belongings you know and love.


Live-in care also assists people who are struggling to help look after their disabled or ageing relatives or loved ones. Live-in care gives the comfort and reassurance that an experienced carer is looking after your loved one, providing companionship and ensuring they are secure in their own home 24 hours a day.


It is reassuring to know that with the on-going support and companionship of a live-in carer, your loved ones will feel less isolated and vulnerable. Studies have shown that this can also ultimately help improve their mental and physical health.


For long term live-in care we aim to introduce a small team of carers, sometimes no more than two or three, who take turns to provide the care to you. Carers need to have time off, so ideally carers should work for two to four weeks at a time with a replacement carer taking over for a period in between. This enables carers and clients to get to know each other well, so that relationships can grow and to enable provision of continuity of care.

6th January 2015


Live-in Care