Convalescence Care

You may already be at home, or about to return home from a specialist care centre or a hospital, are feeling run-down, poorly, or have had some kind of accident or change in your life. Some people will only need a little support, others a great deal. A live-in carer can help you get back on your feet, or provide on-going support for you as long as you want or need it.


After an illness or trauma, it can be difficult for people to get their independence back, especially after they have been in hospital for a long time or have been trying to cope at home with difficulty.


We understand that an illness or injury can be life-changing to a person’s mind, body and spirit. For this reason, we believe home based, live-in care gives the individual the support and comfort in what is often the best healing environment. This type of care at home gives you the chance to rehabilitate, recharge and recommit to living the best quality of life in a careful and safe way with 24-hour support at your side.


Having a live-in carer at home can help facilitate an early discharge from hospital for you because of the safety and support they provide. A live-in carer in your own home can monitor your health and help recognise early symptoms or signs of recurrence of ill health as well as helping you avoid injury and resulting future hospital re-admissions.


Live-in care enables people of all ages and disabilities to remain in their own homes safely. Live-in carers can work with other health teams to make discharge from hospital or residential care an easier process. A live-in carer can assist your rehabilitation, living adaptations or provide support to help you with self-management of your condition and, where possible, for treatment to take place at home.

6th January 2015


Live-in Care