Covid: Antibodies last at least six months in most

Covid: Antibodies last at least six months in most

As many as 88% of people still have antibodies in their blood to fight Covid-19 six months after infection, a study of almost 1,700 people suggests.

The data – from one of the world’s largest follow-up Covid studies – also provides more detail about the likely symptoms experienced by those infected.

While 26% had a cough and 28% had a fever, a bigger proportion – 43% – said they lost the sense of taste or smell.

But 40% had had none of these – and about 20% had had no symptoms at all.

The data also backs up previous studies on who is most likely to have been infected with Covid at some point during the pandemic.

Among a full group of nearly 20,000 people who were regularly tested monthly during the pandemic, it was younger adults, black or South Asian people and those living in deprived areas who were most likely to test positive for the antibodies.

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